A rechargeable battery design which is formed by using salt may serve as the new way for greener energy. Researchers from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China have recently joined with a specialist group Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics for new energy stores which allow for more power and also last longer than other conventional batteries.

With rising demand for different electric vehicle and other transport mediums which are of sustainable forms, there is a need for some new ways of energy storage like batteries, fuel cell and more. A significant challenge which industry is facing at present is the deficient performance of the rechargeable batteries, and often these batteries lose power and energy very quickly.

Jiangiang Wang who is a professor at SINAP and is expert in molten salts chemistry is leading this collaboration.

Rechargeable High-Temperature Molten Slat Iron Oxygen Battery is the research paper which highlights about the research which was carried by making use of a novel and affordable iron-oxygen rechargeable battery which contains a bi-phase electrolyte. Dr. Cheng Peng, an author of this research paper, said that these new designs combine the merits of the soil oxide fuel cell and molten air battery. It offers much-improved battery reaction kinetics and power capability as well without making any kind of comprise with the capacity of the energy.

He also said that “At present, a huge challenge arising with metal-oxygen rechargeable batteries is the very slow kinetics of electrode reactions, which is further resulting in low energy and power densities. Therefore it can be said that the activation of reactions of negative and positive electrodes. Both are very important for good performance of metal-oxygen rechargeable batteries.”

By constant efforts made by the team, it has been identified what can be done to solve this issue. Professor Wang explained by saying that “We looked at a higher working temperature of metal-oxygen battery by making use of metals like iron as a base because this can be activated and at a very high temperature and won’t demand the high cost. With solid oxide fuel, negative electrode materials like tin or bismuth are used.”

Dr. Peng also added that “A type of metal-oxygen battery with high temperature known as molten air battery can be used as base metals for multiple electron charge transfer at a fast rate in molten salts. Molten salt can conveniently dissolve metal oxides.”

“The result obtained was a rechargeable molten iron-oxygen battery of high temperature which is of low cost and serves for a long duration. The battery has good energy storage capacity as well.”