Ellen Stofan is the head of the Smithsonian Air and space museum and informed us how museums could attract the next generation people to be more attracted towards space exploration and deal with any attacks on science. She was the former chief scientist of NASA and recently became the first woman to lead this Museum. 

While she was in NASA, she helped in commercial activity in Low-earth orbit. Stofan helped to formulate various long-term plans to send humans to the Red Planet and also gave various inspiring lectures in schools and thereby encouraged the young talents to choose the career in science. She is also trying to maintain the same legacy in the museum as well. She has made different plans to build the experience of seven to eight million guests who visit the museum a memorable one. Before taking up her new job, she spoke to the Scientific American about the power of museum to inspire new budding talent towards science and space exploration.

She has said that there is a difference between hearing Wright brothers flying the first plane on the earth’s surface and looking at the Wright flyer airplane in front of your eyes. She talked about her childhood days when she used to pass by the doors of the museums even before they opened up> She would be very thrilled within herself and thought that there could not have been any better place than a museum because there was no place so adventurous equivalent to that of a museum. She feels very excited and thrilled to be a part of this museum currently.

She felt that she should be doing such activity and along with her colleagues within the museum so that whenever every child comes into the museum, they should have the same experience and feeling that they might have felt when they read the books and viewed the movies about space and space exploration. She said that people should push themselves beyond their boundaries to accomplish something astonishing. We should lift ourselves from above the earth’s surface, up into the earth’s atmosphere and the outer space. It is for this mind-blowing experience that young talents get attracted to come to the museum. She felt that we all have a kid in ourselves and it is a matter of time when we can unleash our childhood memories once again and get attracted to such glorious events and adventures.