Next space walk on ISS is scheduled for 15th January 2016 and will be 192th maintenance EVA on ISS.

This time ISS crew members will perform EVA to replace broken voltage regulator (Sequential Shunt Unit – SSU) fitted into one from eight power channels on ISS. Part, designed and manufactured by Space Systems Loral, failed due the short-circuit on 13 November 2015 and effected switching ISS to backup power channel. On 15th January 2016 13:55 GMT, flight engineers Tim Kopra (NASA) and Tim Peake (ESA) will exit through Quest airlock and start spacewalk which should take 6.5 hours. When main objective of EVA will be achieved, both astronauts will start to work on secondary tasks. They will deploy cables necessary for future installation of an International Docking Adapter – it is quite important task due the closing date of delivering International Docking Adapter by Dragon spacecraft; it is scheduled already on 21st March 2016. Tim Kopra and Tim Peake will also mount valve which was removed for relocating Leonardo module on 2015 (performed on 27 May, 2015). Additional EVA objective will be minor repair of broken light attached to truss camera. This EVA will be significant for Tim Peake – on 15th January 2016 he will perform first British spacewalk.

Whole EVA will be transmitted by NASA TV: