Tim Peake from ESA along with Yuri Malenchenko (Roscosmos) and Tim Kopra from NASA will spend additional thirteen days on ISS – ESA announced date of return from International Space Station.

Moments in space are passing fast; Tim Peake with his crew mates from Expedition 46/47 remains in space since December 15, 2015, is very lucky because his mission was extended to 18 June 2016. It means that comparing to previous plan, which assumed returning on 5th June 2016, Expedition 46/47 members will spend in space almost two weeks more; however it is not gift for astronauts but necessity – ESA, NASA and Roscosmos would like to minimalize time when ISS does not have a full crew. Because next crew members will reach International Space Station  after Soyuz MS-01 launch scheduled on 21st June 2016, places released by Peake, Malenchenko and Kopra will last free for only three days. On 21st June 2016, after few hours of space journey, new crew members: Anatoli Ivanishin (Roscosmos-commander), Takuya Onishi (JAXA-first flight engineer) and Kathleen Rubins (NASA-second flight engineer) will enter through docking port from Soyuz spacecraft to International Space Station. Previously Ivanishin, Onishi and Rubins were selected as backup crew for Expedition 46/47 launched on December 15, 2015.

On 18th June 2016, Tim Peake, Yuri Malenchenko and Tim Kopra will enter to Soyuz TMA-19M which remains attached to nadir docking port of Rassvet ISS module. Separation will be probably performed at night (GMT) because according to some sources landing of Soyuz capsule is planned for 06:47 GMT (12:47 local time in Kazakhstan). All three crew members will spend in space 186 days.

On picture above: Soyuz TMA-19M just before docking.