SpaceX gave a hint that in coming years its Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets will play the significant role for them, though in these years they will be developing vehicles, which are more powerful. Also, they are planning to augment their footprints at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

A recently released draft ‘environmental assessment by NASA’ tells about a proposal made by SpaceX. There it is discussed that SpaceX is looking forward to developing facilities like a booster processing hangar.

It is expected that this facility is going to support a higher launch rate for Falcon rockets which will also include processing of landed booster stages.

It is entirely necessary to implement this action that will help in increasing the effectiveness of operations of space flight. Facilities like support in planning, enabling the reuse of space vehicles and more will be provided to make its operations efficient, stated by environmental assessment by NASA.

This proposal is essential to offer excellent support to Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch.  This launch will take place at LC-39A and LC-40. These are the launch pads which SpaceX is using at present, as per the environmental assessment document. In this document, there is no information mentioned related to some launches of Falcon9.

The new control centre would be the centre of the facility. This control system is imagined to be unique in its architecture and well equipped for crew missions and satellites, the environmental assessment document stated. In the present illustrations of the control centre, a tower which is as tall as 90 meters can be seen.  Along with this tall tower, there are other essential facilities as well which are required for handling different operations at the time of launch and landing.

The document also discussed some other aspects related to site as well. Like there will be a “rocket garden”, a separate security office and a large piece of property will be kept unused to meet unknown future requirements.

There is no information mentioned in the document related to when the building of facilities will be completed and how much budget does it requires. The document concluded by saying that the activities which will be conducted for building these facilities will not have any harmful effects to the environment.

It is a strange fact that in the environmental assessment document, SpaceX BFR has not been discussed. The discussion has been limited to only SpaceX Flacon 9 and Falcon Heavy.