Austrian scientist Erwin Schrodinger (1887-1961), one amongst the giants of up to date science, thought of “entanglement” the foremost fascinating property in quantum physics. In his read, it had been this development that really distinguished the quantum world from the classical world.

Entanglement happens once teams of particles or waves area unit created or act in much the way that the quantum state of every particle or wave can’t be represented severally of the others, but so much a part there.

Experiments performed at the University of Sao Paulo’s Physics Institute (IF-USP) in Brazil have succeeded in entangling six lightweight waves generated by a straightforward optical device light called associate degree optical constant quantity generator. Articles concerning these experiments are printed in Physical Review Letters (“Hexapartite trap in associate degree above-threshold optical constant quantity oscillator”) associate degreed Physical Review A (“Exploring six modes of an optical constant quantity oscillator”). The experiments area unit highlighted in an exceedingly special news feature announce to the publications’ website.

Martinelli could be a prof at IF-USP and therefore the scientist for the Thematic Project “Exploring quantum info with atoms, crystals, and chips” funded by Sao Paulo analysis Foundation – FAPESP. The experiments were performed below the aegis of this Thematic Project.

This idea is simpler to know through associate degree analogy. The classical bit (binary digit) could be a two-state system which will be in just one state at any given time – either zero or one. this can be the idea of binary logic. The qubit (quantum bit) will represent a 1, a zero or any quantum superposition of those 2 states, thus it will inscribe a lot of info than a classical bit.

Entanglement corresponds to the nonlocal correlation of many qubits. Nonlocality is associate degree intrinsic characteristic of nature and one amongst the key variations between physical science and classical physics, that acknowledges solely native correlations.

The device that generates the entangled states – the optical constant quantity generator – consists of a tiny low crystal between 2 mirrors. The crystal is one cm long, and therefore the distance between the mirrors is a smaller amount than five cm.

However, as a result of cooling could be a necessary condition for the method, the crystal associate degreed mirrors area unit placed within an aluminum hold in a vacuum to avoid condensation and to forestall the system from temperature reduction.