Elon Musk stays in the news because of his random tweets. What his vision is can be known merely by following him on social media. From rockets to cars, he imagines and creates. So, what if a few thoughts are not very practical – at a time going to the moon was also impractical. 

He has just mentioned the need for exploring the space and settling down on another planet. He is currently working towards developing a rocket which can travel to Mars and take fuel on the way from specially-built fuel stations, so the journey goes on without any obstacle. This BFR project is going to explore deeper into space, in the context of interplanetary expansion. 

If it happens, maybe the truth behind aliens is known too. A universal Science article has just released a document stating that life exists on other planets in space. They are more intelligent than us, and hence, we have found no evidence of their existence. 

Drake equation is being evaluated by researchers who are determined to calculate the number of non-earthly civilizations which may be someday contacted. The probability of the existence of another form of life (alien life) is about 30%, as per the equation’s results. Musk in his tweet declared to his 22 million followers that – “It is unknown whether we are the only civilization currently alive in the observable universe, but any chance that we are is added impetus for extending life beyond Earth.” 

In the whole discussion, Musk has talked about the excitement of witnessing extraterrestrial life. He stated, “It would be amazing to encounter an alien civilization, provided it is not their invasion fleet!” This comment was in response to a comment asking about “Goldilocks zone” which is present around stars and supports life, though only theoretically.

Musk is the one to dream of taking the human race to Mars. For the same, he has initiated the second race to a new era of scientific discovery and exploration. In his speech, Musk at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia discussed a detailed refueling system that worked using methane. The system was meant for the BFR, which is the only hope we have till date to take humans to the outside world and make them multiplanetary. Musk has developed an aggressive timeline for the mission. By 2022, the first BFR ships shall deliver supplies, carry humans and go around for two years across the planet red.