Do you refrain from playing games online because of the slow internet? If yes, this news is for you.

Space X, a company founded with an ambition to reduce the cost of space transportation and help enable the colonization of Mars has been working to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of internet services. As such it is sending satellites to create a broadband internet network that would help those regions get better services which lacked Internet connectivity because of lack of physical infrastructure.

SpaceX has been designing, manufacturing and launching spacecraft and rockets into space since 2002. It is the only privately owned company that is into such business and could bring back a launched satellite back to the ground safely. They have been setting up milestones and getting accolades for the projects commenced. They have delivered supplies to spacecraft, sent out reusable spacecraft like Falcon 9 as well as created history by developing Falcon 1- the first liquid fuel rocket to reach the Earth’s orbit, owned by a private entity.

This initiative of Space X – to provide better internet services – is named Starlink broadband internet network and prototypes of the planned satellites were launched some three months back. We did not hear of them for quite a while until the twitter conversation between Mr. Elon Musk and someone with the username of SmileSimplify caught the attention. Mr. Elon Musk, the founder of the company, confirmed that twin satellites named Tintin A & B (probably fictitious names) have been performing good enough to allow playing video games online that too with a quick response.

The satellites are programmed to fly in low Earth Orbit and remain connected with stations based on ground locations. Already ground stations have been established at Redmond and Brewster; Hawthorne, Texas, and at Tesla’s factory in Fremont.

Geostationary satellites were quite revolutionary, but the internet services offered by them shows a noticeable time lag. And Elon’s idea of providing fast internet using moving satellites is just a grassroots step to achieve the final goal of making human existence possible on other planets. However there are other competitors SpaceX must be facing challenges from, but the primary challenge is to initiate satellite launch possible for commercial use. This may require hundreds or thousands of satellites being sent out and several ground stations constructed at locations never thought of.

Fascinating and luring but this generates a severe need to upgrade and manage the world’s space traffic management systems with more proficiency.