It is a true saying that the natural calamities like an earthquake can come anywhere and at any time and this occurrence of Earthquake has severely affected the people of Japan as the country has been badly hit by the same. The country experienced the earthquake at the magnitude of 6.6 Richter scale which is very high for this country. The country is badly affected. 

The earthquake majorly affected the small rural town of Atsuma, where a cluster of dwellings was wrecked when a hillside collapsed from the force of the 6.6-magnitude quake, causing deep brown scars in the landscape. Most of the people on the missing list are from this town. 

The number of people died in this calamity has risen to the number of 44 and the all the missing people mentioned has been found. This is the final death list to date. The search operation is still continued. The dead bodies of the dead people were excavated with the help of the ten thousand police and troops who are working as the support survivor fighters. 

The people who fought with this calamity and finally survived are forced to live at the shelter homes as their own homes have been destroyed completely. There are around 2700 survivors who are living in the shelter homes and are supported and helped by 40000 police, firefighters, troops and maritime safety officials who are giving them assistance. 

The other place which is adversely affected by this earthquake is the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. This was the beautiful island where only some remains are left now. The area of Hokkaido has been kept on high alert because there has been a forecast by the weather department that there will again be rainfall in the island which could trigger fresh landslides.

The Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Yoshihide Suga visited the earthquake-affected area and expressed his grief. He said that “The government will strive to get hold of what is needed on the ground and take every possible measure so that people can return to a normal, safe life as soon as possible”. 

The officials are trying their best to bring the adverse condition into the normal condition so that the people can get back to their normal life as soon as possible. The Prime minister of Japan also visited the affected area and said that his government will “do its best” to restore the disaster-hit regions. It will take time to recover but the hard work of the survivors will give the best result.