SpaceX Dragon automatic spacecraft performed correct splashdown in the waters of Pacific Ocean and finished eight missions contracted under Commercial Resupply Services program.

Everything went according to plan. Yesterday after command given by Tim Peake, operator of Canadarm2, at 13:19 GMT Dragon was released and started to move away from ISS. After three burns of Draco thrusters, it left approach ellipsoid and entered the orbit. After flying for three orbits around the Earth, at 18:01 GMT SpaceX Dragon started its thrusters again, this time to reduce speed and leave the orbit. Next at 18:18 GMT service module separated from returning capsule. Service module burned in dense layers of atmosphere while capsule was continuing its flight to Earth. After 29 minutes, first drag parachute was deployed and after few minutes three main parachutes appeared over Pacific, 418 kilometers from Long Beach. Four minutes earlier then it was originally planned, at 18:51 GMT, Dragon touched waters of the Pacific. Over 1500 kg of returning cargo, including human samples of Scott Kelly from “Year in space” mission and microchannel diffusion study samples, will be returned to laboratories after reaching sea port in Long Beach today. Dragon capsule will be transported to SpaceX facility in McGregor Texas were less important cargo will be extracted and whole capsule will be cleaned from toxic residues from NTO/MMH propellant which fuels Draco thrusters, main propulsion of Dragon spacecraft.

That is how it looks in real – service of Dragon on the boat after splashdown in 2013 after second mission CRS-2.