Last year an asteroid was discovered which was revealed by the new observation made through world’s largest radio telescopes. Each asteroid is 3,000 feet in size. In the year 2017, 21st December 2017, YE5 near-earth asteroid was discovered with the observations by Morocco Oukaimeden Sky Survey. But there were no details about the physical properties of asteroid known till the June end. The view offers the detailed image of a binary asteroid. 

The asteroid 2017 YE5 was made its nearer approach to Earth on 21st  June to earth for the next 170 years about 16 times distance between the moon and the planet. On June 22nd and 21st, Goldstone solar system, Radar of NASA in California observed the first signs of 2017 YE5 could be a binary system. The observation discovered two significant lobes, but the scientists could not see if the two bodies were separate or together. In fact, the two objects rotated to reveal a substantial gap between the both. 

The scientists at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico had planned to observe the 2017 YE5, and their colleagues at Gladstone saw the unique properties of the asteroid. The scientists have teamed up with the researchers of West Virginia at the Green Bank Observatory (GBO) and used two observatories in a bi-static radar configuration. Goldstone and Arecibo had confirmed the binary nature of asteroid by 26th June.

Between 21st and 26th June, the latest observations indicate the two objects which are revolving around each other in every 20 to 24 hours. These observations suggest the visible light consideration for solar system studies in Rancho Cucamonga, California by Brian Warner. 2017 YE5 is looking like dark charcoal. On June 21st the Goldstone images have taken and shown a significant difference in the two objects of radar reflective. Since 2000 the phenomenon is not seen among the binary asteroid system.

Scientists calculate that near-Earth asteroids are more massive than 650 feet in size and a smaller satellite. 2017 YE5 equal-mass binaries are same sized objects. The 2017 YE5 binary nature discovery provides an essential opportunity to the scientists to improve the understanding of various kinds of binaries and the structure between contact binaries and binaries. The analysis allows the scientists to develop the knowledge of the internal structure and composition. It is an analysis as for how they formed as well. The majority of the binary asteroids consist of astronomical objects and its small as a satellite.