Being involved in the citizen-science project simply means that you as common man can make significant contributions to scientific research and methods. As per the sources of METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence), people who are interested to be part of innovative citizen-science projects can now get the opportunity to work in the most significant citizen-science project ever!

 Sheri Wells-Jensen, a linguist at BGUO (Bowling Green University in Ohio) and also providing services in the METI board said that the role of scientists, researchers, mathematicians and other experts is not sufficient. There are some projects and topics which require the help of many human minds. Decoding the messages of aliens or extraterrestrial is one such project which needs help from a maximum of people, added Sheri. 

METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco. The METI organization experimented with the help of Wells-Jensen a few days back. It was an exciting experiment that involved an exciting activity. In this fascinating experiment, a lot of students were given provided with various puzzles. The students were asked to solve those puzzles and know the meaning or message hidden in them. While many students got successful in finding out the answers or messages hidden in those puzzles, there came out another surprising discovery in the form of conclusions given by the other students. Many students solved the puzzle with a different perspective and explained them logically. Not only this, but the student also achieved results which were wholly unexpected but correct inevitably. The unique experiment involved the conclusions inferred by students in the form of poetic lines or words hidden in the puzzles. 

According to Sheri, the new conclusions and unexpected results compelled us to think that different human minds can identify the messages of extraterrestrial beings in their unusual ways. While decoding of alien messages has always aroused curiosity, it is a genuine fact that the same cannot b achieved alone by the scientists or the researchers. Every human mind is different, and it can contribute in an incredible way for this most significant citizen-science project of decoding alien messages. Sheri also said that such a vast project requires human hive minds where multiple of conclusions can be drawn about a single note. It is the reason why the project demands the role of various people. While the mystery of decoding alien messages continues with time, it is a delightful fact to know that how each of us can contribute in the same!