Since the changes in the climatic conditions are making temperatures even hotter, the extensive use of air conditioning in the buildings, houses are making the atmosphere even hotter. Such widespread use of air conditioning is making the atmosphere further degradable and also compounding the toll of air pollution on the lives of the human beings. This statement was released in a new study.

In the journal of Public Library of Sciences, a particular climatic change issue was published. In such a problem a team of researchers belonging from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have analyzed a situation whereby they have predicted that thousands of people will die in the Eastern United States alone because of the increased level of air pollution in combination with the increased used of fossil fuels to cool the building where the human beings reside. 

According to David Abel, who is the lead author of the new report has said that air pollution is going to be even worse. David is also a UW- Madison graduate student and also a part of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment. He further added saying that there will be different consequences regarding adapting to various climatic changes. 

The analysis which is carried on by researchers involves projections from five different models to forecast summer energy use in a warmer world and what would be the impact regarding power consumption from fossils fuels, quality of air and lastly the health conditions of the human beings after a few years later. During the hot summer weather, when the heat waves are expected to be more intense, and the frequency will also be more, there will be no doubt of the fact that air conditioning will only come to save the lives of the people at that time. The statement is being made by Jonathan Patz who is the senior author of the research program and also a UW-Madison professor of environmental sciences.

At the same time, he has also brought to the attention a fact that such increased use of air conditioning due to the climatic changes mainly will be working from power derived from the fossil fuels which will consequently lead to depletion of quality air for the human beings to breath in. he has rightly mentioned that “We are trading with problems.”