Spacecom announced yesterday that Amos-5, their last satellite from Amos series, lost communication with operating center.

It is bad luck – just before launching Amos-6 in January 2016 (You can read about this launch here and in general about Israeli space industry here) it seems that fleet will be under replenishment yet not development. Problems with satellite placed on 17°E orbit were detected on Saturday, 21 November. Without any recognized reason satellite stopped transmitting any signals.  Amos-5 was manufactured by ISS Reshetnev under contract signed with Spacecom in 2008. Additional contractor for payload was Alcatel. Russian contractor utilized in Amos-5 its bus called Ekspress-1000N. It is utilizing two deployable solar panels; it weighs 1972 kg and had predicted operational life at 15 years. It was equipped with 18 C band and 16 Ku band transponders by Alcatel. Amos-5 was launched on 11 December 2011 utilizing Proton-M with Briz-M upper stage in combined mission with Russian Luch-5A satellite. Launch site was Baikonur Cosmodrome launch site 81/24 in Kazakhstan. Amos-5 worth, according to Spacecom $158 million, was providing services mostly in African countries and French telecommunication company Orange.


Spacecom Lost Contact With Israeli Communication Satellite Amos 5