Floods, earthquake, drought and what not, all are the forms of natural calamities and can happen anywhere at any time. The places which are affected by these calamities are mostly the small islands or the developing countries. But who is on the fault? The complete fault lies on the shoulder of the human being and the advance development that they are making today. The more we get dependent on the technological advancements the more we are going to suffer from these issues.

The most developed country in the world which is The United States Of America along with its neighboring countries are blamed to an extent that they are the one which brings the condition of Global Warming on the earth. But why? This is because the developed countries and other western economies are the ones which have become wealthy by burning fossil fuels leading the other countries and the earth towards destructions. The people from the developing countries and small islands say that there will be a time when just the remains of the cities and islands will be available due to the devastating climate and rising seas. These countries and the places need a great help in terms of action and money. In case the actions of the developed countries are not changed, the whole earth will be destroyed. 

Speaking about the discussion which was held in Bangkok for the implementation of the Paris Accord and the help from the different developed countries for the same. It was a discussion where a comprehensive rulebook has to be created for the countries to deal with the climate change and protect the developing and underdeveloped countries. 

The discussion was great but the key issue was lost somewhere. The key issue was funds and contribution by the developed countries to make this deal and process the success. There were lots of commitments made by the representatives of these countries regarding their contributions towards green environment but they failed to live up to their green spending commitments.

They agreed to establish an annual $100-billion fund to help developing nations react to our heating planet along with some set of promises but it all went into vain. According to them, they are ready to help but do not wish to show how their funding is gathered but the developing countries are not ready to accept the same. They wish to have a predictable and open funding so that the plan to fight out the climate change works out properly. The discussion is at the halt for this reason.