Cubesat based classified satellite re-entered on 16:23 UTC November 29, 2015. Designated zone of reentry was Indian Ocean, Australia, Pacific Ocean. Satellite reentered at longitude 11.5° S and latitude 152.71° E

Cubesat platform is one of most popular platform among commercial, amateur and research satellites. It should not be surprising that military and reconnaissance agencies are strongly interested in utilizing cubesat technology for their purposes. Low cost of manufacturing and possibility of using unconventional launch systems is also strong positive in considering cubesat as reconnaissance or communication satellite (about American new launch systems designed for lifting small and nanosatellites You can read here, here, and here). Prometheus was series of 1.5U CubeSat platform satellites designed and manufactured by  Los Alamos National Labs (LANL) and funded by Department of Defense. Main objective was general testing cubesat technology and its limits. Satellites were equipped with two solar arrays, helix antenna and their weight was at 2 kg. Prometheus consisted eight satellites launched on atop Minotaur-1 rocket on 2013. Next series of Prometheus satellites is scheduled on 2016.