The Private spaceflight game is all set to gain a new push as China enters the segment as one of the newest and promising members. The country took a huge leap with its OneSpace rocket that was built by one of the Beijing based companies. The rocket was launched on 17 May from one of the sites in Northwest China. The rocket reached a maximum altitude of thirty-nine kilometers. The OneSpace Rocket weighed 7200 kilograms and is 9 meters tall. The rocket uses solid fuel for its operation which is considered as more stable. Also known as the OS-X, this rocket has been designed for customers to test technologies as well as perform research-based experiments that can be carried out during the missions to the suborbital space. The customer for the latest flight was the Aviation industry corporation of China.

OneSpace is making it big by working on another orbital rocket also known as OS-M which will facilitate launching of satellites while it is up and running. The country’s spaceflight has been dominated by the Chinese Government so far with a range of impressive successes over a period of time. The country is noted to have sent its first astronaut to space back in 2003. China has also placed its probe into orbit around the moon back in 2007 as well as 2010. China has been in the news for launching people into different prototype space stations in the Earth’s orbit for a total of three times. The most recent feat in space advent is its launch of the relay satellite which will be probing the far sides of the moon.

This is one of the first initiatives where the country is expanding into the private sector. The government had issued guidelines back in2014 to companies about the process of getting involved in this new venture and formally allowed the private companies to start the satellite launching programs. This was the driving force for OneSpace which has embarked on a new journey of encouraging private spaceflight ventures. China according to its president Xi Jinping is eyeing to become the spaceflight superpower. According to the OneSpace CEO, the rocket was built and developed completely with the homegrown technology. The rocket is also named as “The Chongqing Liangjiang Star.”  The name is also a nod to the Chongqing Liangjiang Aviation Industry investment group which is also a partner group of OneSpace for the government’s colossal Belt and road initiative.