There is a special invitation from China, and it is for the brand new space station which they hope to inaugurate by 2022. The China Space Station will be open for visitors in the year 2022, and they are inviting countries of any size and development level. 

As per Shi Zhongjun, China Space Station belongs to the whole world and not just China alone. Shi Zhongjun is China’s ambassador to the UN. It seems like a noble thought as China is embracing the developing countries. They also mentioned that in case a developing nation wishes to learn more about space technology, China would be happy to guide them. 

European Astronauts have reacted positively to this invitation, and astronauts like Samantha Cristoforetti have already traveled to China to get trained and learn the language. She tweeted that she had a great time and made new friends. 

The China Space Agency and the European Space Agency have signed an agreement which is probably a green signal that European astronauts will be allowed to visit the China Space Station. 

According to Shi Zhongjun, outer space should not be treated as a battlefield for confrontation. It could become a new domain where relationships can improve. Also, it would promote common interests, and help in enhancing ties between different nations. The thought is noble, but only one continent has taken the initiative. 

The question is – How would the China Space Station look like? As per the designs, it will be T-shaped and would weigh around 72 tons. China built the space station because they were not allowed to use the ISS. All thanks to the concerns raised by the United States! 

The budget of the China Space Station has not been disclosed as of yet. However, it will be a grand plan, and China calls it Tianhe-1. Up to 10 astronauts will be able to use this space station during their missions. According to Shi Zhongjun, the China Space Station will be a familiar home for all the astronauts. They are trying to convey a bitter-sweet message to the United States. 

Whatever the reason may be, China is doing an excellent job, and this will be a great opportunity to forget the differences and work on international peace.