FALCON-9 1.2V will be launched with DRAGON spacecraft atop from Cape Canaveral ASF launch site SLC-40. Goal for this mission is resupplying for ISS.

It will be second launch of Dragon with supplies for ISS. SpaceX is designating its Falcon-9 1.2V rocket to carry on their contract for resupply of ISS. As usual, Dragon will take 3310 kg of payload: Propellant for ISS engines to provide correct orbit, Oxygen and water, Spare parts and tools necessary for keeping station operational, Scientific instruments and research materials to efficiently use valuable time at the station and last but not least – food and parcels for crew members. SpaceX will utilize Falcon-9 in 1.2 version with reengineered thrust for better performance but still powered by liquid fueled Merlin-1D engines and without more severe improvements. Falcon-9 is still waiting for adopting reusable technology on it’s second stage.


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