Planned launch of Turksat-4B, Turkish telecommunication and direct TV broadcasting satellite from Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

Fast growing TV market demands new possibilities. Turksat company will set expansion of broadcasting services for Turkey, West (Turkey, North Africa, Europe) and East (Turkey, Middle East, Asia). This way company is going to confirm its position in market of broadcasting services in Turkey.

Last of satellites constellation is Turksat-4B is provided by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation under contract from 2011. It is second satellite made for Turksat and it is planned to be placed on 50° east longitude (first one, Turksat-4A was set on 42°east longitude). It will support 43 communication channels, in addition it is going to provide data transfer and internet access for both domestic and business users. Being another from DS2000 series, Turksat-4B weights 4977 kg with wing clearance 25.26 meters and is going to be fully operational for 15 years.

International Launch Services is going to utilize for this mission Proton-M (actually after last start of Proton-K it is only operational rocket from Proton family) with Briza module. First Proton was developed in soviet times as a heavy lift rocket. M generation is liquid fueled, three stage rocket offering large payload combined with large capabilities in terms of range from 22000 kg (for LEO) through 6700 kg (GEO) to 3500 kg (GSO). It is possible thanks to the Breeze-M module which is merging small dimensions with one powerful S5.98M engine. Launch site for this mission will be LC-81 in Baikonur, Kazakhstan.