NASA lost two of its cherished astronauts, Alan Bean and Col. Don Peterson, in the same weekend. Alan Bean was an astronaut, and a Navy Test Pilot, who stepped on the moon and spent two months at the first space station in America. 

Alan Bean left NASA and became an accomplished artist, who painted space vistas and moonscapes. Well, he did get the inspiration from his visit to the moon as he walked on it. 

Sadly, Alan Bean died at the age of 86 and left many shattered. NASA lost another great astronaut. According to his wife, Leslie Bean, Alan was the kindest man she knew, and she will miss him dearly. 

Bean has a website on which he shared his experience with the world. He shared his immense joy of how happy he was to have gotten the chance the walk on the moon, and bring the memories back to Earth with him. Bean captured the moment through his paintings and shared it with the whole world. It was a surreal experience for the artist. 

Alan Bean wrote that it gives him immense pleasure to capture the moments that he felt when he was walking on the moon. He considered his art to be relevant, and he called it the art of today. As per his friends and colleagues, Bean was passionate about art and dedicated his life to recording the Apollo missions as an artist. 

Author Andrew Chaikin fondly remembers Bean as to how successful he was, and how people paid tens of thousands of dollars for his brilliant artwork. His fans paid a handsome amount to the artist for the extraordinary art, and recently the paintings on the website had price tags on them which read half a million dollar. 

The famous actor, Tom Hanks, wrote about Beans that he was the only artist to walk on the moon. It is an opportunity which not every artist receives! He brought hard data back to the planet and created a masterpiece of the mission. The world could see the beauty of the moonscapes. It was not imaginative as Bean had the opportunity to experience it with his own eyes. 

Alan Bean has bid adieu to the world, but his paintings continue to move his fans. His name shall go down in history, and people will fondly remember him as the first artist, who walked on the moon.