Lack of compliance between Senator (Arizona-R) John McCain and his Party resulted in conflict involving both military and ULA. 

This time situation is better for ULA and Department of Defense waiting to new remote sensing satellites which should be launched on atop of Atlas V rocket. Congress decided to let ULA finalize order placed in Energomash for next twenty RD-180 engines. It means that in 2016 we will see Atlas V during breathtaking launches with confidential military payloads! Order was already confirmed by Energomash, and it will be realized until 2019 to help ULA fulfill contracts with DoD and civilian customers. RD-180 were contracted before crisis between Russia and Ukraine, as ULA was not able to find appropriate engines for their Atlas V in USA. Government is still aware of the seriousness of the situation when American rockets are launched with military satellites to observation missions over Crimea and Russia, utilizing as propulsion Russian engines. New generation Vulcan rocket developed by ULA, will utilize BE-4 engines by Blue Origin; moreover Competitive Rocket Innovation Motor/Engine Arrangement (CRIMEA) program announced in mid-December 2015 was establish to solve problem with lack of comparative engine manufactured in the USA. CRIMEA is however still put into question if its general sense is concerned (You can read about it here) mainly because of objections raised by the US Air Force. But for ULA it seems that Atlas V is coming back to game, even if John McCain calls it “a height of hypocrisy”.