While many people plan a party, barbeques, get together or trips to beaches, the astronauts in outer space plan to work hard even on the Memorial Day. By working hard and with complete passion, these astronauts at the ISS (International Space Station) will be continuing the years old tradition of working and serving even on the holiday like earlier astronauts had been doing before! 

While earlier it was other crews who marked the Memorial Day by working passionately, this time the same will be done by the accomplished and skillful astronauts belonging to the Expedition  55 Crew. According to the spokesperson of NASA, Mr. Dan Huot, the astronauts of the Expedition 55 Crew will not take any holiday for the entire weekend of Memorial Day. They would instead continue working even harder than before in these upcoming days. The astronauts involved in the Expedition 55 Crew include Commander Anton Shkaplerov, cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev (belonging to the Russian origin), astronaut Norishige Kanai (from the Japanese origin), Scott Tingle, Ricky Arnold, and Drew Feustel (from the United States origin). 

According to the sources from NASA, the six people of this expedition (Expedition 55 Crew) have got the entire list of tasks to be completed this weekend on Memorial Day. They will need to shift command of the orbiting lab in space. Also, few astronauts need to return to Earth as now it is time for staff change to the International Space Station. All these tasks demand a lot of time and effort. Thus, there is no way that the astronauts relax and sit back enjoying any holidays. In simple words, the astronauts serving at the International Space Station cannot afford to waste time. They need to pack and look into the essential tasks that need to accomplish in time. 

It is worth mentioning here that while astronauts in space expect to work even on the Memorial Day, it is a fact that they do remember this auspicious day. In 2010, Kelly Humphries, a spokesperson from NASA had stated that the astronauts in space remember the Memorial Day very well. The only difference is that they cannot cook and party on this day as flames in the space station can cause risks related to the fire. In that year (2010), the astronauts had remembered Memorial Day by wearing red colored shirts. Hopefully, anyone can take inspiration from these astronauts who prioritize work and do not enjoy holidays when their job demands them to do so!