As per the satellite imagery from 38 North, there is no visible evidence to confirm that North Korea has started dismantling their missile launching sites as promised. 

As per the program, organized by the U.S. – Korea Institute at the School of Advanced International Studies of the John Hopkins University, thoroughly studied and posted imagery of known locations in North Korea’s facilities of a missile launch on Thursday and Friday. As analyzed, it was conveyed that North 38 was unable to identify any activity that could be associated with the dismantling of the missile launching facilities at any of its sites. 

Scattered all through North Korean territory there are about six known and identified launching and engine testing facilities along with two test stands for missile eject. 

As per a report, it is likely that President Donald Trump commented on 12th June on the destruction of a primary testing site of missile engines. He did not refer to either Iha-ri test stand, erected in May or the Sinpo South Shipyard test stand that has not been in use for about a year., out of all the mentioned test stands and facilities. The report also indicated, contrary to the Trump’s statement, both of these sites have purely been used for many ejection tests and not for any launches and engine tests. 

In continuation of the historic summit in Singapore on 12th June, president Trump conveyed reporters that North Korea had blown up the missile areas. He also mentioned that there has been a commitment from Pyongyang, to destroy all the testing sites of missile engines and Kim would close all of them. However, president Trump did not specify any precise site in his speech.

After the summit critics argued that there had been many concessions which made by Trump without any certified promises from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. As per some Israeli classified report been shared by Axios, it casts doubts on the President’s positive spin at the summit. The report, which alleges to come directly from Israel’s foreign ministry, claimed to backtrack on many of these demands by the Trump administration that were insisted initially that it would be made before the meeting.

Despite the happy faces and smiles during the summit, many in the U.S. Congress, South Korea, and Japan profusely doubt of North Korea’s sincerity on its intentions, as per the Israeli document. It explicitly mentions that their assessment on the subject is that despite President Trump’s statement on a quick modification that is expected to happen in North Korea’s policies, the substantive and real change if ever happens, would be very slow and long. 

The report also called for President Trump’s shocking decision for halting joint military exercise between South Korea and U.S. Trump says complaining that these so-called ‘war games’ are always costly and provocative.  This decision was reported to have been made by Trump without any consultancy with the military. The U.S. Forces in South Korea did not receive any update from the president on the execution or ceasing of the training exercise, as mentioned by Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer Lovett, USFK spokeswoman after Trump’s announcement.