Last Thursday Israeli missile Arrow-3 successfully intercepted dummy ICBM missile.

Arrow-3 missile is result of cooperation between USA and Israel. Missile history started in 2008 when governments of both countries signed agreement about developing upper stage for Israeli anti-ballistic missile. With financial participation of USA (only in 2015 it was $74,707 million), project started developed only by IAI. After first successful tests performed on Palmachim Airbase, IAI decided to sign agreement with Boeing for further development. In following years, contribution of Boeing reached around 50%. In 2013 during tests Arrow-3 reached space with altitude of 100 km. NeXt tests performed in 2014 showed capability of Arrow-3 to maneuvering in space utilizing its engines.  Latest attempt of destroying Silver Sparrow in exoatmosphere was successful. Arrow-3 showed its full capability in destroying objects in space. Arrow-3 combined with Arrow-2 (smaller missile designed to intercept targets in atmosphere) will provide full protection against potential missiles carrying weapon of mass destruction. Some experts, for example Prof. Yitzhak Ben Yisrael or Israel Missile Defense Organization Director Yair Ramati, claim that Arrow-3 could be easily adopted as an antisatellite weapon. For Israel possessing antisatellite weapon is quite important if we take into account development of Iranian space program. First imaging satellite was launched by Iran on 2011; last imaging satellite was launched by Iran on 2015. Iran has plans to expand their presence in space and looking for partners with advanced technologies. Just like in case of building nuclear power plant, Iran could count on Russia. On 18th November 2015, Iran and Russia signed agreement on further expanding cooperation in space exploration (read more here) – Israel probably suspects that Iran is going to use Russian technology in expanding their capabilities in developing spy satellites and use space technologies for military purposes. Developing antisatellite missile like Arrow-3 should provide necessary protection to Israel.