Today in the early morning hours Ariane 5 ECA rocket lifted off new communication and broadcasting satellite for Eutelsat from ELA-3, Kourou, French Guiana.

Today Ariane-5 lifted off from ELA-3 complex in Guiana Space Center to its 85th mission (274th mission by Arianespace). Ariane lifted new Eutelsat satellite designed and manufactured by SSL (with utilization of SSL-1300 satellite bus).

Lift off started two minutes later then it was planned, at 05:22 GMT. Long for 50.5 m (with diameter of 5.4 m) and weighing 777000 kg rocket started to rise. All three engines (core Vulcain-2 and two P238 in solid fueled boosters) were working correctly and after T+2’30” both boosters shut down and separated. In T+3’50” payload fairing was jettisoned on altitude of 205 km with rocket speed at 8300 km/h. After next 5 minutes of supersonic flight, at T+9’15”, Vulcain-2 engine was turned off. Upper stage, equipped in one HM7B generating 67 kN of thrust, continued powered flight. Time of separation was getting close, at 05:41 GMT rocket reached speed of over 30000 km/h. At T+25’00” HM7B was shut down and second stage is preparing for deployment of satellite. After next two minutes at 05:48 GMT Eutelsat-65 West A separated from second stage of Ariane 5 ECA.  Ariane 5 lifted it to orbit with apogee 35746 km, perigee at 2250 km and inclination 0.5°. Eutelsat-65 was designed for operating on geostationary orbit for 15 years from 65° west longitude slot. It will cover with its range South America. It will help Eutelsat in expanding on DTH market and broadband access market in Brazil thanks due its 24 Ku band transponders. With such impressive Ku band payload it will improve possibilities of corporate connectivity for Central America, the Caribbean and the Andean territories. It will also provide live broadcasting across Atlantic during Rio de Janeiro Olympics. C band transponders installed on Eutelsat-65 West A will bring video streaming in South America to the next level in terms of quality and speed.