As you acknowledge people working tirelessly to make space exploration a possibility and easy, there is a name hard to go unmentioned. It is none other than Richard Branson. Why not when he is the CEO of the gigantic Virgin Group. Years have passed, but the man is still pressing on. He wants to be part of the team that will materialize human spacecraft as well as space tourism. He is relying on the Virgin Galactic to assist in that. It will be responsible for ferrying passengers into the sub-orbit. He has the rocket planes’ class, SpaceShipTwo, that will help a great deal. We have other details coming up.

In the recent years have been tough for the Virgin Galactic. There has been one setback after another. In addition to that, it now has competitors including Blue Origin and SpaceX.

That explains the excitement during the Tuesday 29th May 2018 powered test flight. The venue of this second powered test was Major Air and Space Port. One would argue that it should have come earlier than this. However, Englishmen say that better late than never. After all, it is a step towards succeeding for Richard Branson. The VSS Unity finally flew again four years later, 2014. It took some courage I would say. There was the VSS Enterprise that year. It not only crashed terribly but also resulted in the demise of a pilot as well as injury to the other. Its propulsive test is now old news since two months have passed. It gave them a go ahead which is the reason why they carried out the test on Tuesday.

How does the spacecraft react when the speed is high? What is the performance of the control system? Those are the answers that the test intended to provide. About some information by the company, there was a hint that the spacecraft is at its final touches.

The first announcement was at 9:43 via Twitter. Twelve minutes later, it landed marking the end of the test. Brandon who was in attendance couldn’t hide his joy. He appreciated work well done by the team in charge.

After that, he took a visit to The Spaceship Company (TSC). It is the Virgin Galactic’s sister company. It is responsible for the manufacturing of the to-come flight. As of now, the TSC is working on two spacecraft. It would be a great opportunity is space exploration, as well as tourism, would become a reality.