After evaluations, NASA has the candidate for the job. Which job exactly? It is the Rapid Spacecraft Acquisition III. It is the project with the name Rapid III. It is about creating two more Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS). NASA has assigned those satellites the names JPSS-3 as well as JPSS-4. They are for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. There is the winner of this contract eventually. The winner is Orbital ATK. What it is about and other details are the focus of this article. Check it out!

The amount that it will spend before its completion is $460 million. That shows how important the project is. Therefore, the firm has a huge responsibility ahead. It is also intense because the company will work on it until 2026. The place of work will be a facility owned by the Orbital ATK. It is in Gilbert, Arizona. As of now, it is working on the JPSS-2 spacecraft. Part of its job description in the future include the design, development, fabrication, integration, and testing of the other two ships in the series. In addition to that, it will also offer support after delivery.

What is the role of the spacecraft series, JPSS? The satellites collect data regarding weather. They are mostly the specific aspects among them multi-spectral radiometry. There is the meteorological as well as the oceanographic information. They acquire the data through remote sensing of various properties of the atmosphere, sea, and land. 

Once the satellites gather the data, it helps NOAA. It has a mission, and it gets to do it better with the help of that data. The organization has a responsibility of observing this planet’s environment, continuously. While doing that, they not only understand but also predict changes in both climate and weather. Their area of jurisdiction is the oceans as well as coasts.

The two agencies, NOAA as well as NASA, have a joint venture in all this. What does each of the two do? It is the responsibility of the NOAA to fund all the missions that the JPSS has to undertake. On the other hand, NASA acquires the necessary equipment. They include the launch services, flight systems as well as the ground system’s components. Therefore, as they are doing currently, they have to work jointly for the missions to become a success. It is congratulations to Orbital ATK for winning the contract. May it become a success.