JAXA officially confirmed injecting Akatsuki into designated Venus’ orbit.

After injecting Akatsuki on 7 December 2015 JAXA wait to gather data from spacecraft sensors to confirm if injecting was fully correct. Now we know for sure – Akatsuki became operational Venus probe on elliptical orbit with following parameters: apoapsis altitude of 440,000 km, periapsis altitude of about 400 km, orbit period is 13 days and 14 hours (orbit will be corrected to 9 days period). Akatsuki is moving according to direction of Venus rotation. JAXA is going to deploy following sensors to perform research of Venus atmosphere: 2μm camera (IR2), the Lightning and Airglow Camera (LAC) and the Ultra-Stable oscillator (USO). For now it is confirmed that Ultraviolet Imager (UVI), Longwave IR camera (LIR), and 1 micrometer camera (IR1) are working – according to JAXA, first pictures have been received already !

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