An innovation competition has been announced by the DRL (Drone Racing League) and Lockheed Martin which is challenging the teams for AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology development in which an autonomous drone will enable pilot operated drone to race and win. The teams which are going to participate in the competition will fight for the share of the price of two million dollars. 

The chief officer Keoki Jackson of Lockheed Martin has announced that this challenge will take place in the TechChurch of San Francisco with the partnership of DRL which is globally known as the circuit of drone racing. In this innovation challenge of Alpha pilot, the enlisted candidates are technologists, university students, drone enthusiasts and coders dedicated towards drone. 

Jackson said that we are trying to pioneer this art at Lockheed Martin by enabling AI technologies which will help in facing the deadliest challenge of the world taken from fighting wildfires to the concept of saving lives at the time of natural calamities. 

The main aim of this Alpha Pilot challenge is to make the rapid increase of testing and development for the technology of drone. The participants of Alpha Pilot has to design a machine learning or artificial intelligence framework which will be powered by the platform of NVIDIA Jetson. Drones should be capable of flying without any human intervention or pre-programming under the new circuit of AIRR (Artificial Intelligence Robotic Racing) without the race course of DRL which is multi-dimensional. 

The CEO and Founder of Drone Racing League, Nicholas Horbaczewski said, “DRL has proved itself as the most promising ground for the human pilots who are talented enough and wants to visualize their abilities since 2016.

With this new challenge of Alpha Pilot Innovation, the development and testing for the fully autonomous technologies of the drone will get accelerated and open up different future opportunities in the world of AI and autonomy giving a bright future. 

The funding of Lockheed Martin for the innovation challenge of Alpha Pilot is governing from the savings account of Jobs Act of 2017 and Tax Cuts. In the context of increasing the investment, the corporation is also enhancing their funds from tax reform, employee training, investment in technology and startup, education programs like STEM etc. 

The enthusiastic students who are under programs like undergraduate or graduate, drone lovers, technologists, coders etc can apply for the participation at