It is hard to characterize the Quantum particles princeton and quite impossible if they are interacting strongly with each other but now a new research has been concluded with respect to quantum particles. The team of international researchers in the lead of Zahid Hasan a Princeton Physicist has now discovered that it is possible to tune the quantum particles about 10 times as compared to the already available theories. This possibility of tuning these particles will open the way of quantum computing and high nanotechnologies.

Hasan says that they had discovered a completely new knob in the world of quantum topology. Further, he added that this will going to be a wonderful ground for performing nanoscale engineering and a new material subfield will arise with this research. The team of Hasan and he himself is saying that their discovery is novel in this field of the quantum state of matter as it has not been explained in any of the pre-existing theory.

Yin a researcher says that when he talks with Professor Hasan he comes to learn a very interesting thing he further added Professor, is searching for the completely new phase of matter in which a kind of interaction will be found within the electrons which is quite complex in nature.

As per the saying of David Hsieh, this is going to be proved as the completely new phase of matter in the quantum field. Although he is not included in this research but more curious to learn about its result.

In the field of topological materials, Professor Hasan is working for a long time especially in the particular physics area of condensed matter in which his team has also discovered quantum magnets some time ago. Hasan says that in this new research he and his team members have discovered a unique kind of quantum effect on a topological magnet which can be controlled at the quantum level.

Zhang, one of the researcher says that we all are very curious to know how exactly a particular thing works while we are looking at the physics. He says that this discovery has provided us more insights as we were not expecting it.

With this finding of the new quantum organization, Zhang and her colleagues are giving a great contribution to the advancement of knowledge without any particular theory predictions. Our experiment is a step ahead in the advancement of knowledge, said by Professor Hasan.