A free talk on the topic “Where space meets Earth weather?” is being scheduled on 7th of June in Washington D.C. Timing for the free talk is from 11:30 am-12:30 pm. This free talk will be held with Dr. Sarah Jones, and the public is invited to attend the same and learn interesting information about the weather conditions of the boundary between the earth and space.

Sarah Jones, who is the speaker for the free talk, is also a speaker for 2018 NASA Goddard Lectures Series, and even a research astrophysicist by profession. 

There are charged particles which are present in the boundary which is between space and earth. Along with these charged particles there exists neutral atmosphere of the planet. There is endless wrangling between neutral gases and those ionized gases. There are several reasons behind stress in this region, like weather planet from below, from high radiations of the sun. These factors together are making it a complicated place. Hazardous weather events like a hurricane can develop waves which can make their way to travel up to this region, while simultaneously sun releases its soar material. Because of this change of shape is noticed between the boundary of earth and space. Also, it distorts signals which are transmitted by satellites sometimes.

With this free talk, Dr. Jones will help to untwist the process which takes place between the boundary of earth and space. It will also be explained how it is possible to identify and learn about weather shapes interface to space with the help of two NASA missions namely GOLD and ICON.

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