5 Things Must Do for Durga Puja Celebrations in Lockdown

Gurgaon, October 22nd, 2020- Apart from being a religious celebration, Durga Puja or Poojo as it is called in Bengali is more of a socio-cultural fiesta. While the essence of the festival remains offers prayers to Goddess Durga in all her forms, it has taken a form of a fortnight long festive extravaganza across West Bengal especially Kolkata. The hugely lit Kolkata streets, the beautifully decorated Pandals, the Bengali food and its spices is something that attracts lakhs of people to Kolkata during these days. But this year is different. With the dangers of COVID pandemic still lurking large, there are several restrictions in place. People are not allowed to enter the pandals, there are limited crowds allowed around on the streets thus the glitter and glamour is less. So how does one go about celebrating Durga Pooja in the lockdown. We have found out the best ways by which you can celebrate Poojo in pandemic and lockdown.

  1. Live Streaming of Puja- With crowds being restricted inside pandals, Bengalis are missing out on the artis and the poojas happening to the Goddess. But several bigger pandals are now offering live streaming of Puja which can be seen by everyone. The Durga Puja at Belur Math, run by the Ramakrishna Mission will be live streaming on You tube and Doordarshan their entire series of Puja. Several other pandals are also offering the same.
  2. Online Anjali- Sindur Kela which happens on the day of the immersion where women play with vermillion or sindoor or roli is also banned due to social distancing norms. This is one of the traditions that women miss out on most. But in line with digital trends, now several pandals are offering online Anjali facility. With the Durga puja being streamed online, women can do online Anjali from their homes only while praying and watching the streaming online.
  3. Screens outside Pandals- While people are not allowed to enter pandals to ensure social distancing, several bigger pandals have installed large TV screens outside so the people can view the Puja from the streets itself. This can be very helpful in praying and enjoying the festivities from outside and following social distancing also.
  4. Feasting at Home- Even though one is restricted to not being on the roads to enjoy the local Bengali cuisine, now one can make it at home and enjoy the feasting. The lockdown has taught everyone several life lessons. Eating and enjoying home cooked food is one of the things that everyone has come to enjoy. Thus enjoy the pakodas, kathi rolls, fried fish, rosgollas, mishit doi at home since you cannot eat them outside. It will be a bigger festive environment when one makes these feasts at home along with family and then enjoys eating them.
  5. Send gifts to family- For everyone who is apart from each other this Durga Puja can now send gifts to Kolkata to their friend and family. Sweets, mithais and other goodies can be ordered online. One can order sweets online for Puja and send to their relatives in Kolkata and express their joy for the festival. Gift delivery across India is offered by Indiagift- the largest gift delivery site of India. So one can order sweets, chocolates and other gifts for Puja celebrations and share the joy of giving during festival timings.