The 6 Most Important Qualities to Look for in Cross Country Movers

A cross country move can bring about mixed emotions – one day you’re excited about moving to a new country, the next day you’re anxious and sad about the people you’ll be leaving behind. When preparing to move, they’re several factors that come to play. In addition to gathering packing supplies and figuring out logistics, you’re likely going to be looking to hire reputable interstate movers. Hiring a moving company simplifies the moving process. But before you go ahead and sign any documents, you should look for these qualities in the cross country movers you plan on hiring.

Specified Experience

A professional moving company should know how to deal with certain problems as they arise. Complications such as moving large items through small doorways or packing multiple odd-sized boxes into a small truck should be a walk in the park for them. That’s why people seek the help of movers because they are well equipped to handle those “I think we have a problem” scenarios that tend to frustrate average individuals.

Be warned, some movers might have experience only in in-state or local moves. Go for a company that is stated as a cross country mover. Since they have been doing this for long, they will be able to provide a more accurate delivery window.

Quality Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) ranks moving companies from A+ to F, with A+ being the best and F the worst. Such information helps to determine if the mover can be trusted. To be sure you’re hiring the best cross country movers, you should check their rating on the BBB website. 


You’re on the hunt for the best mover. So they should be able to provide evidence of their capabilities and professionalism. Basically, the moving company should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Licensing means that the company has met the minimum requirements to offer services as per the states it operates in.

A bonded mover means that they have the ability to compensate you for any claims you file against them, assuming the claim is valid. An insured moving company takes responsibility for anything that happens to the workers while at work. They should not hold you liable for any injuries incurred while packing or loading items.


Since you’re making a long-distance move, sometimes situations change in a moment’s notice. Maybe you just got notice that the state you’re moving to is experiencing bad weather, you may need to adjust the moving date, and the mover should be able to understand. Therefore, look for a moving company that offers the kind of flexibility you require.

Affordable Rates

Let’s face it, moving is not cheap, especially if you’re relocating from one country to another. But this shouldn’t be an excuse for you to empty your bank account. High prices don’t translate to excellent services. So don’t be fooled. Look for movers within your budget who still offer quality services.


Reliability is a very crucial factor to consider when hiring cross country movers. Go online and search for “moving companies near me”. There you should get a list of all reliable moving companies. A reliable mover provides excellent customer service, doesn’t keep its customers waiting, and delivers your items on time. They should also treat your belongings with the utmost care.