Water is the life of all living beings on earth. And yet, when water is used, no one bothers to think about where it came from and how it is being utilised. Water is being used in the daily lives in many different ways. 

Recently, NASA has used satellites of the very first kind to track freshwater supply patterns and revealed a shocking discovery. Water supply on earth including the USA is changing. It aims to study the reason why there are shifts in the pattern of freshwater supply. It has been found that such changes are happening due to climate change, natural variations as well as human activity.

One of the scientists at NASA has said that multiple satellites have been used to observe the patterns in the availability of freshwater on the planet. The results are the combined efforts of the satellites. 

Based on the results, a graphical illustration has been drawn which shows how a large section of the planet is water stressed. However, there are also some areas on earth which have a stable supply of freshwater. 

The main observations are that there is a major shift in the hydrological patterns around the world. The wet places are getting wetter and dry places are getting drier. The reason behind the dry places getting drier is because of the groundwater depletion.

The recent launch of the GRACE- Follow-On satellite by the NASA has brought some amazing data on the change in water supply. It has helped to trace the changes in water supply on earth.

The satellite can give amazing data on the cause of water pattern change but it cannot do so in areas which are in isolation. It is the general belief that human activities like excessive use of groundwater and agriculture have led to the change in groundwater pattern. 

The human intervention in the change of water supply is being closely monitored. Indices are being used to study the consumption of water and population changes.  Combined with the NASA mission and data of the population on earth, the indices for precipitation, evaporation and consumption are being studied for the same purpose. Per person consumption of water can be easily found out. As of now, it is only being done as a part of the research. In the near future, advanced studies related to water stress, availability and scarcity are expected to be carried out.