After the hint given by Jeff Bridenstine, that the White House is not in favor of funding specific projects run by NASA, and that for monetary aid to be taken, the first step would be handing over the International Space Station to the private companies. The upcoming news is that ISS will be split to allow privatization take the space industry to the next higher level. NASA chief Jeff Bridenstine said that ‘the agency will consider a range of options’ to ensure that the privatization of the ISS becomes a feasible idea. NASA spends $4 billion every year to commercialize the International Space Station. Jeff has stated that ISS will not remain in its current form. However, it is not certain if the station will be split into different departments or some other idea will be generated to keep a balance between commercialization and maintaining the fame of NASA by ensuring that the world’s largest and most renowned research industry does not suffer any harm. 

The current administrative conditions and the upcoming budget proposal by President Donald Trump have accelerated the privatization thing to another level by eliminating direct federal contributions by 2025. He has proposed to give $150 million to private companies like SpaceX, and Blue Origin. 

NASA has enjoyed the position of the world leader in aeronautics and astronomy, and every real American would firmly believe that the reputation of such a legendary organization should not be debarred. Private companies may grow, but NASA should uphold its integrity and power. 

A dozen countries have helped in assembling the International Space Station, which was first launched in 1998 (just a small fraction as compared to what it is now). $100 billion has been spent on the station by the US alone, and some Republicans in Congress doubt the idea of giving over what was attained with so much effort and time to newer companies who do not hold the experience of NASA. Billions have been invested, several people have given their blood and sweat to the organization, and it would be wrong if the organization, they made so great willingly gives up all it has achieved that too just because of funding.

Possibly the priorities of the organization have shuffled, NASA might be having bigger plans than launching commercial space vehicles or sending humans for a trip around the moon. Climate change and saving planet earth from disasters that are bound to happen if human activities continue to soar like this need monitoring from NASA and planet earth needs NASA to help protect the entire human race.