Life never seems to be comfortable, while pursuing your goals you know it’s going to be a roller coaster ride. But if you aspire to be an astronaut someday, know how to fly a spacecraft. The latest episode of ‘Spacing out with the Everyday Astronaut’ brought in front of us all, how it is like to fly a spaceship. 

There are people on earth who cannot drive a basic four-wheeler, the steering of which always goes out of control for them and mishaps are a routine affair. Think of an astronaut, wearing a bulky space suit, living in zero gravity and flying a spacecraft in the frictionless environment.

The episode was fourth (second last) in the queue of planned five shows for Facebook watch series. The show was made live on Friday, June 08. The episode featured training simulations and hovercraft (home-made) that could depict how much hard work you have to deploy as an astronaut when traveling in the outer space. The vacuum poses challenges never thought of on the planet earth.

Tim Dodd purchased a Russian spacesuit in an online auction in 2013. In the show, he travels to Astronaut Training center at Florida and is subjected to several tests including weightlessness. During his training, he has to repair parts of a mock space station while sitting in a hover chair floating above the ground. The chair was specially designed to show the situation that forces the astronaut to go outside the space station and do spacewalking. 

We all know that outside the space station, the possibilities of losing yourself to the depth of an endless sky are high. One wrong move can throw you stranded and floating like a balloon or a kite never to be found again. 

Dodd survives his mission just to be engulfed by the virtual reality training as he is still not prepared for space. He then goes to the Knoxville Convention Center in Tennessee, where he explores the technology and concept of docking and assembling the spacecraft. Spaceflight historian Amy Shira Teitel is along with him for this mission. The homemade hovercraft made up of a lawn chair, tarp, a leaf blower (cordless) and two fire extinguishers is then brought into the limelight to demonstrate the level of difficulty faced in piloting a spacecraft. Dodd recreated the mission of 1975 named Apollo-Soyuz test project, the first to dock different nations to Space.