During a press conference in Colorado, from ULA came the important declaration about supporting universities in their Cubesat satellite programs.

Today in Colorado State Capitol on 0930 am MST was started open press conference organized by United Launch Alliance. Conference was started by Chris Chavez, Director of Government Affairs and Corporate Citizenship in ULA. Mr. Chavez stressed the importance of the role played by the ULA in economic and social life of Colorado. ULA is one of the largest employer in USA and biggest one in Colorado. ULA is aware of this fact – Chris Chavez reminded how important role is played by students and graduates of the University of Colorado. The main part of the conference was, however, occurrence of the United Launch Alliance CEO Tory Bruno. In his speech, he put an accent on the importance of development of space programs on universities across USA. He identified as main problem for further progress in space academic programs cost of launching designed satellite. Appreciating the enormous contribution of the university community in the development of the space industry, ULA decided to open their Atlas V rocket for Cubesat satellites from university programs for eighteen mouths. ULA will provide three places for Cubesat from university programs during every mission. With at least ten missions a year, ULA is able to double amount of Cubesat satellites reaching orbit. Tory Bruno stated, that for him personally it is very important, to give opportunity for as many universities across the United States as possible, for free launch their satellite and increase in this way human presence in space. First place is booked for University of Colorado as a token of appreciation for the contribution of Universities to the development of the Colorado space industry. Its gratitude and appreciation to the entire project expressed Philip DiStefano, University of Colorado Boulder Chancellor. In the end of conference, Tory Bruno announced competition for the name of the whole program. The prize is free launch for one Cubesat for university which student won the contest.